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churches of the storm

Acts of God.     Acts of Faith.

perseverance and hope after major disasters

Since the dawn of the first European settlements the United States has been anchored by its deep religious values. Churches are an integral part of every rural and urban community which proved to be a necessity when the tragedy called Hurricane Katrina struck.  Immediately after the storm,  people of strong faith sprung into action to aid those in need.  Overnight, religious facilities became both safe-havens for victims within the storm’s path and major operation centers for first responders.


While the federal government is not equipped to handle major disasters, faith-based groups from every denomination across the United States pull together all available resources as they advance toward disaster sites.  From Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf states, tornadoes in Alabama or Oklahoma, fires and floods in Colorado to Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast, volunteers from faith-based groups have rebuilt communities more than all other organizations combined. Since 2005, over 2 million volunteers have visited the Gulf states alone to offer services to their fellow Americans and help rebuild one of the nation’s most important cities - New Orleans.  

Follow us on our journey of the American spirit and abiding faith as never witnessed before.

2013 Wicker Films LLC  All Rights Reserved